Blogposts I Didn’t Post (Yet)

Around two years ago I saw this blog article about a blogger posting titles of draft articles she didn’t post. I was kinda intrigued about it but didn’t have a lot of drafts by then to post such an article. By now I do have 14 drafts of articles yet to be published or yet to be thrown into the trash bin. Without further ado here they are! These are written from latest to oldest.

  1. Tea quotes
  2. Reflecting 2014 what I did and didn’t do
    This was going to be a reflection article but I chose to write a NYR instead.
  3. Steeping Tea
  4. Saved the best for last
  5. Oops, I ate way too much (again)
    This was actually the title for Goalparra tea review since I worked with the sweetness contrast but I thought it would be too much and over the top. A picture says a million words and the title didn’t add anything to the million. Nope it wasn’t a million and one.
  6. Din Raat ki khaayalon
    This is a hindi poem I’m considering to post but I want to add more depth into it then it already has.
  7. Love thy self
    I see a lot of people being insecure about themselves and even I am insecure about many things I do or wish I did. In this post I want to make people feel better about themselves.
  8. Make Friends
    (I think I’ll post this one soon. Be on the look out!)
    It was around the time when I started Life Lessons| College Edition. I guess I never came around to post it.
  9. Love
    Yet another poem
  10. Exams
    My way to vent the exam stress but it never made itself to a post
  11. Searching
    Google didn’t have answers to this poem
  12. Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding-belly-twisting nervousness.
    Daily Prompt
  13. Do they speak Dutch in Suriname?
    Plead the fifth, yet another Daily prompt. When I first attended school here in The Netherlands a lot of highschool students asked me if they speak Dutch in Suriname. This question annoyed the H*** out of me which is why I was about to plead the fith on this one. But I can’t really remember why I didn’t post it.
  14. A life well Lived
    Yet another Daily Prompt. When I started blogging I knew that I loveD to write (yup with a capital D). But writers block visited a lot and even the ghost of inspiration likes to stay over. I wanted to write and prompts were ( sometimes still are) my go to. I kinda like this one as I had to describe what a life well lived meant for me. This one has yet to be posted. Be on the look out!

See you on the next post


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