Battle of the heart

Wow I’ve never known that every emotion in life that we have makes a poet or a writer out of us. Love is a common emotion people write about. I find it so amazing. You wouldn’t believe.

I’ve also written something it’s called loving you like a teenage girl.

Ever felt like just hearing a guys voice
Make you melt like jelly
Ever felt like seeing a guys face
Make you forget the world for a moment
Ever felt like you could spot him amid or among thousands of people
Ever felt like this is the moment you’ll say those three words but when you want to it just doesn’t come out.

It’s so crazy, in my heart and mind
And it’s like I’m fighting a war
It’s so crazy, I’m freaking out even if you just glance at me.

My mind fights an inner battle,
Only because the guy I like Slips out of my hands. Without him noticing anything


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