I have a confession to make……

Dear readers,

I am extremely sorry to have kept this from you. But now that this guilt is slowly eating at me; I thought it was time to confess. When I have finally said this I know that my mind and heart will be clear and guilt-free. I have been very hesitant whether to say this or not but my Pinterest account gave this away. It’s about time that I share this story with you.

Besides the fact that I’m a hardcore Pinterest lover, my pleasures have often been satisfied by a nice cup of herbal scented tea. There I said it, I love tea, and I enjoy drinking various cups of tea a day. I love drinking it while it is raining, after eating a piece of sweet homemade apple pie – of which I’ve been enjoying too much lately – and even before going to bed. I can drink tea on every time of the day. I like green tea but also vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, liquorice and so on! These tea flavors currently capture my heart, body and taste buds. Here’s my top three

3. Sweet Honey banana – Cupcake tea ♥

I don’t really like the taste of this tea. For me to like tea it really has to taste the same way as it smells. What drew me to this tea was its package. It told a story, I liked the way it was written. My tea-o-holic instincts kicked in and made me buy it. The taste isn’t that disappointing but I’d expected at least a bit more honey and banana then it already has.

2. New York Chai – Urban tea garden
urban chai_
I am Surinamese and in our divers culture we like adding ginger to our dishes. We also have a drink called ginger beer. The hotter it is the better. If you slightly cough after taking a sip and the cook that made it is near you and hears this, they take it as a compliment. I am not saying that this tea comes close to the taste of ginger beer but you do taste the ginger in it. And as a proud Surinamese gal, I really like it. The other main ingredients are cardamom and cinnamon. I don’t like cardamom because I think it tastes too much like a flower (I used to taste flowers as a kid, come on everybody at least did that once in their life!). You don’t really taste the strong taste of cardamom because it’s ebbed a way by the cinnamon.

1. Ginger Lemon Peels - Dogadan


On my last trip to Turkey <3, I had gotten sick within four days (I stayed a week). I got ill because it was extremely hot and every night that I returned to my hotel room my ac was set at 10 degrees (so it was very cold). I had gotten a sore throat, a heavy cold and for a moment I thought I might die( but that’s how I always feel when I’m sick, even when it’s as stupid as a two-day flu). On the fifth day I went to sit in the lobby and managed to ask the waiter to bring me some hot water, grated ginger and squeezed lemon. At this point I was praying for the waiter to get it right because although I speak good English. The people over there don’t really speak English that well. Luckily I am good at learning new languages in a short period because this skill helped me to pronounce the Turkish word for ginger which is zencefil, water which is su and lemon which is limonlu better. As the waiter came with a ginger tea I was relieved. The taste of ginger in this tea was as fresh and intense as a ginger. You could really smell that it’s ginger also. After 5 minutes I quickly ordered another cup by another waitress but she didn’t take my order because she said that they didn’t make those kinds of teas at the hotel. I felt pretty disappointing and tried to remind the taste of that tea on my lips and the feel of it in my throat (this was a way for me to ease pain). After a few days I went to a local supermarket and saw a lot of tea packages which I haven’t see here in the Netherlands. My mind went crazy and for a minute I was considering to spend all my vacation money just on tea. At the end of the row there were 20 packages in my cart. I narrowed it down to 6 packages with the idea that I will find the other tea packages at the Turkish stores here in the Netherlands. One of these six tea packages was the ginger zencefil limonlu. This tea has the same taste as the one I drank at the hotel.

What is your favourite tea? 

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Georgia is one of the three main characters of AEBG

As you all may have read on Marustan, I’m writing a story about three ladies. They are completely different but are besties for life. A few months ago I created a board on Pinterest so that y’all can visually experience the characters of AEBG. Today, because of our 2 year anniversary, I present a sketch of Georgia’s character.

Georgia is:

  • A curvy girl of 198 lbs and is 5 ft 9.
  • Fun loving and full of life(or is it her poker face?)
  • Very determined
  • A tattooed girl. She recently put a flowery tattoo on her back and craves for more(that’s a way she hides her pain?)
  • Was an only child, until her seventeenth birthday since then she’s a proud sister of twin girls
  • Single and wants to stay single for some time (because she had a few bad relationships and her last was her emotionally worst) J her ex is chasing (begging her to come back to him)
  • A bookworm but knows when to escape her book world
  • She works with the elderly (goes shopping, plays games, takes strolls in the park and brings food around)
  • She doesn’t know what to study further.

She loves:

  • Flowery dresses
  • She wears glasses, flip-flops, ballerinas etc
  • Eating healthy but doesn’t mind eating Junk food

Her two sanctuaries :

  1. To sit in a crowded place and feel the peace inside of her
  2.  Standing on a bench in a weird yoga pose

Extra info about Georgia

What’s in Georgia’s fridge now?
Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, salad, carrots, baby food, wine, vegetables, bucket of ice-cream.
Water, low cal yogurt cheese cake made by Isabella. Some spices, eggs, butter, jam, coffee milk, Ice tea, some herbs.

What’s on her bedroom floor now?
Some half read books, clothes and in a corner J’s gifts(in the other corner).

If Georgia were at a train station waiting for a train what would she be doing?
She would definitely read a book on her phone or tablet. With soft slow classical music in her ears. Although she likes sitting in a noisy crowd and think ,she also likes to sit quiet and read her book.

What is the one thing Georgia wants the most?
She wants a normal non hectic family.

Want to know more about the characters of AEBG (After Exams Before Graduation)? Stay tuned because Issabella’s is next.

The images above are not mine. The source of each photo is written beneath it.

Pyaar ki anth?

Ek kahaani maine parhi
Ek tha ladka ek thi ladki
Dono mein bewafai ki bhoond bhi nahin thi
Bharosa ki barish aur wafah ka badal
Aarazoo ki dhoop aur khushi ki suraj
Ab tak yeh thi unki kahani

Ek din aaya ek
Jisne pyaar shak ke saath bhar diya
Pyaar sukh raha tha aur pasina bhi a rahi thi
Prem ki rahi aur navrat ki nadi
Dono mil jhul kar baatein kar rahe the
Aakhir is charcha mein kiski jeet likhi thi? Kya koi samjota tha ya pyaar ki anth?

To Be Continued or To Be Not Continued..

Happy anniversary

Hi Everyone <3,

Today is Marustan’s two year anniversary. I’m soooooo Happy. Thank you for everyone that’s reading ‘n following Marustan’s. I hope I inspire you with my articles, stories, poems and more.  Hope you guys will continue to read Marustan’s . Even though I am busy with college and was in my exam year I still managed to get ya’ll attention to read my articles. Follow my blog and get your likes.
I have an anniversary gift coming up for ya’ll. Character descriptions of After Exams before Graduation. Stay tuned to read more about these ladies.

Cheers to 2 years.

My trophies (until now):



Interview: Siham El Messaoudi, Owner of Arrows Mindstyle

I had the pleasure to interview a very inspirational person, Siham El Messaoudi owner and blogger of Arrows Mindstyle. Siham is a mindstyle blogger. Haven’t heard of that yet? Stay tuned and read more.

What was your youth like? Where were you born?
I am born and raised here in Amsterdam. I have Moroccan parents, they were born in Morocco. I am also raised with Moroccan culture and language. I was a really dreamy child, I was always day dreaming and was always in another world. I loved animals, nature, and dancing. I was more of a very girly girl, I had long hair and was always wearing pink.

As you’ve seen I also write Hindi poems on my blog and one thing I’ve notice in the Indian culture which is also similar in the African and Moroccan as well is that most of the people their names have a meaning. With this knowledge I googled your name and it means Arrows.
Was that the reason you named your blog Arrows Mindstyle?
Yes, that’s exactly the reason. Usually people pronounce my name wrong and Arrows is a word that people can pronounce better than Siham (Sihem pronounced with a  soft ‘g’) so that’s why I chose to call my blog and company Arrows Mindstyle.
What is the meaning of Arrows Mindstyle for you and your blog?
Arrows is a mindstyle blog, so it’s about the way you think, the way you feel, the way you connect yourself with your feelings, the way you listen to yourself. Sometimes your feelings are trying to tell you something and you don’t know what it is  But if you listen even deeper you’ll find the answer. I try to inspire people to listen more carefully to their inner voice what it’s trying to tell them and how it’s trying to guide them to become the person they really want to be. That’s the center of my blog. I want to inspire people to listen to their feelings and to grow from within.
How long do you have your blog?
I started the Arrows Mindstyle blog in October 2013, but I’ve been blogging for over a year for other sites. I’ve been blogging for Inspiration Network (http://inspirationnetwork.eu/) where all kinds of people come together and blog about inspiring things and people. While I was blogging for the other sites I  was like: ‘why don’t I start blogging for myself?’ because then I can blog when I want and put it online when I want

I saw on your blog that you are doing a charity challenge. What’s that about?
I do a lot of charity work and I really enjoy it. For one month I’m doing extra charity work and focus mainly on that and blog about it. I want to make people aware of charity work because a lot of the times people are saying that they don’t have time. I want to tell them that it is possible to do charity work because some of them just take two hours and what’s two hours? Some people watch TV for two hours but in the meanwhile you can help old people or people with a handicap. Whatever you like!

Is it only for the experience or also for giving back to society?
Both, I think that you can learn a lot from people but you can also give something back to them. You share your knowledge with each other and that’s what I like to do. I like to meet people and talk to them learn from them and I hope they can learn from me also.

I’d like to think that certain factors in life are  just a part of us it’s not our whole life. Like when people say this is my life and without it I can’t live. So Arrows Mindstyle is also a part of your life but what’s the other part? What’s the part people don’t know (yet)?
I have different sides because I also like art, I go to museums a lot and I like to travel. I think the side that I show on my blog is more the side that likes to experience a lot and share that with people so that they can experience it too. By experiencing it, it makes people less afraid to do what they want to do.
Why do you have the need to share?
When I was younger I was really shy and I did not share a lot. I did not dare to talk to people but I really wanted too but I was too scared. I tried to break the wall between me and talking to people. I tried step by step and slowly but surely I overcame my shyness. I was proud of myself and was so happy with my new self.  My message to every shy person is : ‘Try to do things in little steps, you don’t have to take giant steps to become the person you want to be. Try small things and eventually you’ll get there.’

I read that you’ve studied psychology? Did you always wanted to study that? Or did life lead you to psychology?
At the moment I’m still studying psychology. My life lead me to it because I was always helping people I was a good listener and listened to my heart too. But then I decided to do other things. I went into the business financial world to make a career over there but I noticed that I was not happy there. I had to go back to what I really liked and loved to do, something I was really good at. So that is why I chose psychology. I was very long in the business world and I combined it with my company until December 2013. I didn’t run my company full-time because I didn’t get a lot of customers. So you need another job next to it to be able to live. But from January 2014 I will focused on my company and building it up.

But what is your company about? Is it only your blog?
No, I am also a counselor. I’m specialized in stress counseling for people with burn outs or with a lot of stress because a lot of people who work in big companies get stressed or burn outs eventually. I want  to help those people to prevent it because prevention is way better than cure.

Do you meditate?
Yes, I think that’s really important. I would like to teach people how to meditate. At first people think it’s very difficult or too spiritual but you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to meditate.

If you see a person lying scattered on the ground. You take a step closer and see and feel that persons pain? Would you ignore that person and walk further or would you help that person? if so how would you do that.
It depends on the situation, sometimes people tend to come to me. I am sitting in the bus and people start sharing their sorrows and pain. I’m listening and comforting them but if I see someone on the street looking scared I would definitely approach them and look if they are alright.
Would you approach that person as a potential client or just someone who needs help?
I don’t approach people as potential clients, that is too commercial. If you approach someone solely because they need help then you will be doing it from the heart.  

Who are your heroes and why?
That’s a difficult question because a lot of people inspire me. My parents inspire me because they took the challenge to come to Holland and create a future for them and for us. Also historical people like Leonardo da Vinci, he is amazing because he could paint and he knew so much about the human body *he was a genius*.

What is the most important thing for you in life?
To be happy, happy doesn’t mean being rich. Happiness means being happy with yourself. People try to be happy with someone else, but you first need to be happy with yourself because you can only count on yourself. 

Are you more of a spiritual person or a religious person?
I think I am a mixture of both

Word association game
Arrows mind style – Me
Volunteering workAbundance
Charity ChallengeHappiness
Life Challenging
Snow – I don’t like snow
Future – Bright
Friends(like) Family
Real candles or Led candlesReal candles
Incense I like it

Interview with the one and only Gisele Cooper, Owner and founder of Shesells

On the 28th of December 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting a very inspiring communication professional and entrepreneur. Gisele Cooper is a part-time communication professional and full-time owner of Shesells, a shop that sells natural hair products, magazines and DVDs.

Who is Gisele? What was your childhood like?
My childhood *giggles*. Well my name is Gisele Cooper, I’m 42 years old. I was born in Amersfoort. When I was 5 years old I moved to Suriname and lived there till I was 16-17 years old. I then came back to the Netherlands and now I live in Amsterdam. The most important thing was education (school) but there was also time for fun. We liked going on vacation.
When I was young I always wanted to advice people and I was always selling stuff. Like I said I was raised in Suriname. In Suriname we had a big mango tree, so my sister, my two cousins and I we started to sell mangoes to make our own money. And I was only 5.

I read online in an interview at missmundo.nl that you’re also a communication manager at Abn-Amro. Did you always wanted to do that? Or was there a point in your life that lead to communication?
My first encounter with communication was in high school when I was 17. I was learning communications and I found it very interesting but when I got my degree I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to become but I knew which subjects I liked. I chose a study that contained all the interesting subjects. I liked communications, economics, and marketing so I went to study consumer science. After that I have had several jobs and for the last couple of years I’ve been working in communications. And it’s definitely something I really like.
I didn’t study just communications because I didn’t want to do just one subject. To keep my options open I chose a study that also contained economics and marketing because you can use it for all kinds of professions.

So you started your business in 2005, the web shop.
Where there any obstacles?
No, not really. I started really small because then I was working fulltime. I had a few products and a few hairstyle books and I started to expand that. I didn’t have many obstacles because I didn’t see it as my main income. 

I saw that you are at a lot of events. Are you there to promote your business or to educate women on their natural hair?
Yes, I don’t only want to educate people but also empower them to love their own hair. I think that’s very important so most of the events I organize also have an empowering element. So it’s not just about beauty but also becoming aware of yourself, loving yourself.  On the 15th of December , they screened a documentary called ‘natural woman’  and it’s really about women and what kind of struggles they have with their own hair when they decide to go natural. Sometimes parents don’t like it and sometimes people want to return natural but they don’t know how to maintain their hair.

The main point that’s stated in the video is that women don’t wear their natural hair because they think that they don’t fit in society. Is this also an idea you support or not?
I think there are more reasons why women don’t have their natural hair.  They think that if they go natural they won’t be able to find a good job. Some women have never learned how to take care of their natural hair because when they were very young they needed to straighten it, so they don’t even know how their own hair looks like. Or they do it to fit in; when they see their friends wearing weaves and wigs they want that for themselves.

What do you think of girls that don’t wear their natural hair? That wear weaves and wigs, who put relaxers in their hair?
Well, I think it’s good that women have a choice. I have also relaxed my hair in the past. The most important is why are you doing it. I get that we are women and the one day we want something but the other we want something else. Is that the reason you’re doing it? or is it because you don’t like your own hair. If that’s the point then I think it’s an issue.

“You can have a bad hair day but not bad hair”

If that is the point what would you want to say to those girls?
You have to think first where does it come from. Sometimes they don’t even know how to handle their hair. Sometimes family members tell hem that their hair is so hard and unattractive. It makes them think why they have hair like this. It can’t be wrong or bad, you can have a bad hair day but not bad hair. I often question why some people talk about good and bad hair, I mean like why are you doing that?

 Do you only sell products or do you also show people how to use them?
No I don’t only sell products but as you’ve seen in my shop here I have a chair and a mirror. I use them to show people how to use the products. I also give them tips and advice. Some people come with all of their products to show and ask for advice whether they are good.

What are the main reasons why people come to your store?
The main reasons are how to take care of their hair.  The products I sell contain natural ingredients, that’s a big reason why people come to Shesells.
Sometimes people come because they have hair loss or hair breakage. They want to use natural products because they think it’s better for their hair and they want to improve the health of their hair.
People are starting to educate themselves about their hair, they read on the Internet, they watch YouTube videos and see which products are good for their hair. So being on that journey they start searching for alternative products.

So the natural hair revolution is coming up. It’s already in Rotterdam and it’s not that big in Amsterdam. What do you think about that?
I think more and more people are going returning natural. But also for different reasons because I know few people who have relaxed their hair for years and their hair is damaged. They question themselves why they are doing this, others have become more conscious of themselves they are like: ‘I love myself for who I am so why not my hair’. Also there are women and girls who are saying: ‘Oh it’s fashion now, I see people wearing their natural hair and I want to fit in.’

I’d like to think that certain factors in life are just a part of us it’s not our whole life. Like when people say this is my life and without it I can’t live. So Shesells is also a part of your life but what’s the other part?
Like I said I also work as a communication manager but I do that part-time.  The things that I learn there I can use in my company and vice versa. Shesells, I’m not a part-time entrepreneur because you are busy 24 hours a day.

Now that we’ve almost come to the end of this interview. It is time for a word association game. If I say a word you’ll have to say the first word that pops in to your mind.

ShesellsNice company *giggles*
OrangeThe color I use for my company
Natural beautyImportant
Big chopNecessary
Relaxers Harmful
Castor oilVery good oil
BraidsProtective style

Are you curious? Do you want to know even more about Gisele Cooper and Shesells?
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