Bollywood songs?

Whenever I tell someone that I like Bollywood songs. I either get a look of disgust or people’s mind go completely blank and they just stare. After the ugly stare comes a one-worded question, Why?  In my entire life I have had to answer this question a lot. Way more than when someone would ask me about my age.

I rose in love with Bollywood movies since I was 5 years old and have watched them non stop. My first movie? The famous Kuch Kuch Hota Hai directed by Karan Johar. I absolutely love this movie and actors who play in it. The actors playing in the lead role are the same as in the post iCried, which are Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

Almost every Bollywood movie is like a musical. By this metaphor I mean that besides acting these actors dance and sing and are their happiest or saddest self. These songs are, 98%, lip-synced by actors and sung by famous singers. If you truly want to know about a Bollywood movie’s story line you could either read about it on the internet or listen to its songs. These songs contain so much emotion and not only that, the lyrics are equally as beautiful. I swoon every time I listen to a love song or a heart-break song. I also secretly get jealous and question myself why I can’t come up with such nice lyrics. I mean come on ya.

Love songs aren’t the only ones in category Bollywood Music that I like. I also like Item Songs. Now, these are a total different type of Bollywood songs. They sing these songs (in movies) in bars, disco’s, brothels  and private events when they would want to celebrate something. These songs are spicy, seductive, electrifying and it gets me dancing almost everywhere. If my body isn’t shimmying to these tunes than my eyes are. You know, sometimes you have to experience something to know what its like or to know what people are talking about. So here’s one of my favorites. *I danced before adding it*

And to this one too

This past week I have listened to quite the opposite of these songs. The top 7 songs I have listened to are:
1. Tu – Bobby Jasoos
2. Tu Mohabbat Hai – Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya
3. Suno Na Sangemarmar – Youngistan
4. Kabhi Jo Badal Barse – Jackpot
5. Laal Ishq – Ram Leela
6. Jashn E Ishqa – Gunday
7. Piya Ke bazaar – Humshakals

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Doğuş Yeşil Çay

This week was a very busy week. I helped preparing for my cousins first birthday which was so much fun and a lot of work. We made preparations for this birthday since friday morning till a few hours before the party which was on Saturday. After doing such work I realized what a nice fine cup of tea’s worth is. After coming home from such a long, fun, tiring but very joyous  day I asked my mother to put some tea for me. And she did and it was so worth it. The soreness of my feet slowly ebbed away and for a while I re-enjoyed the day from playing outside with the kids to taking pictures (It’s not something I do very often but when it happens, it’s always fun). The tea that made me chill and relax isn’t the tea I’ll review today. You can click here if you want to read about my comfort tea*.

The tea that I ‘ll be reviewing today is a tea I bought at the same day as my comfort tea in the same country. This tea is a green tea with cinnamon clove from the turkish brand Dogus. Yesil cay

A green tea with a very nice and natural package. The green color comes of as natural and gives a calming effect. As you can see the name of this tea is in Turkish and the translation is in a smaller font. Without understanding the language you will easily see that this is a cinnamon tea due to the illustrations on the package.
(Tip! Çay means tea in both turkish and Hindi. Whenever you spot the word Çay somewhere you’ll now know what it means ;) This package is a basic package which opens as a ‘normal’ tea package.

While drinking this tea you definitely taste the cinnamon. It almost tastes like a creamy black tea. That’s because, as the site refers, it has a soft touch to it. And also because cinnamon itself has a very creamy and spicy taste. Thats why it has multiple purposes and people use it in different dishes.
If you’ve ever read my tea reviews, you know that I adore a tea where the aroma and the taste match. This tea takes care of my senses and makes my nose very happy. Love the taste and the aroma. I would also really love incense in this aroma. Wow, would my house smell amazing! This tea is also very appealing to my eyes with this nice golden color.

I love tea

Yess, if you follow Marustan’s Facebook page, you might have noticed that it is Marustan’s  1 month tea review anniversary! Yeah! To celebrate this I bought a new cup at one of my favorite stores, Xenos. This I-Love-Tea cup costs around three euros. What ya think about it?

I Love Tea

Goalpara tea

Once in a while we love eating sweet delicacies, shortcakes and anything else that belongs to this coated category. Before eating we’ve probably named ten to a hundred reasons why we shouldn’t eat it. It was delicious wasn’t it? Chances were you savoured every millisecond of it. From looking at it with pried eyes to inhaling its scent before eating the very first bite. Everything was worth the taste and the feel of it on your tongue. But which feeling do you get after feasting on such a short-term-tummy-filling-oh so sweet dessert? Guilt or wait no, you try to convince yourself that it was your decision and that you should take responsibility for it. Right?

What I’d like to do, after deciding to exercise and eat healthy. I’d like to drink tea and not any tea but Goalpara  tea. Goalpara tea  has been in the business for 25 years. Yes, for 25 years they have been selling this little green secret box that has been helping many people for their weight loss purposes etc. Here at my house we have been drinking this tea for over 6 years. We absolutely like it and it is the first drink we grab after enjoying our dessert. Goalpara tea with candy photo

What it does…

It removes the kind of cloggy sugary taste that remains in your throat. It is definitely not THE way to lose weight but if you’d drink it everyday for a week or two you would see some results. Green tea always has had its health benefits which some of them are very visible in the everyday life. This tea is made from un-oxidized leaves and is one of the less processed types of tea (with white tea the least) and therefore has one of the most antioxidants. For more info on green tea check out this website.

Tea on the spot

The senses

Bitter if brewed longer than 1.5 minutes and please do not add sugar. Whenever I drink my tea I usually do not put any sugar in it. I liked to drink it pure and in its natural state. I think that this is the same when drinking a tea with so many benefits. And coming to think of it, why would you drink a tea with so many health benefits with sugar? I’m not saying sugar is bad but why. I can’t seem to think of a reason but if you do please voice your opinion in the comment box.
It has a regular smell and is in the least uncommon but this could be because I’m pretty used to its smell that it doesn’t smell. It certainly doesn’t smell likke herbal or fruity tea like Lady Grey. As you can see in the post above it has a slightly dark color to it which is the result of brewing it too long. If you brew it for 1.5 minute it will have its usual color which is light brown.



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2013 is LOVE

Sometimes it is nice to reflect and to think about what happened the past few weeks, months and year. In year 2013 I was convinced that, that year would bring me love. Guess what? It did but not in the way you are thinking…

The year 2013 learned me how to love and appreciate myself. It thought me how proud I should be of myself for passing my HAVO as a Dutch Surinamese girl who was brought up in Suriname. It gave me the strength and courage to study further. It thought me that by accepting myself just the way I am is the best way to live because I have to live with myself my whole life. And why should I waste my time by not feeling good about myself or not appreciating myself. It’s a pity, a waste of time, and not worth thinking about.

In some way I had a lot of love for this year. I felt it in the air, way before the year started. I painted my predictions in this painting. I felt that the year 2013 was a year for new beginnings, love, inspirations, health, happiness, prosperity and different deeper feelings.




Why come with this is now and not earlier?

You should always reflect on how you feel or work. It is important because you’ll get an insight on the things you did right and the things you can improve. By reflecting on yourself you can constantly change the way you view yourself, your situation or others. You can see what changed and what the difference is between last year and this year.  By reflecting I see how last year changed me and when my new beginning started.

In this year I made yet another painting. I was so convinced that this year was a year for, all the above of course and, love. If you would manipulate the numbers of 2013 a bit  you would get the word love.  2013

3 Blogs I Read Every Night

Every night before I go to sleep I open my Bloglovin app and begin reading different types of blog posts. Although in the morning I just remember a few, some are still stuck in my head. Some of these would be blogs that give you tips on how to develop your blog, writing style or just technical tips to make your blog look more appealing. I love these types of blogs because they help you grow and they enhance your knowledge about the blogging world. Today I’d like to share 3 blogs I read daily for inspiration and tips on how to polish your blog in different ways.

What type of blogs do you LOVE to read?

What type of blogs do you LOVE to read?


I stumbled upon Kate’s blog via Pinterest. I was endlessly searching for ways to improve my blog and social media channels or just to get inspired. The thing that drew me to her blog were her images. Images really have to ‘speak’ to me if I’d want them to direct me to a website. Kate is a designer, developer and a collaborator.  I have just recently (meaning this month) started to read her blog but man, does she know how to incorporated social media in her blogposts. And not only that, yu can see her

#2. Xomisse blog design

“It takes less than 1 second to form a first impression about a person. Kind of crazy right? But more importantly, it takes even less time to form a first impression about a website and as we know first impressions are lasting impressions. Your website is important, it creates that lasting impression and it needs to be amazing!”  — Xomisse

Whenever I’m on my computer or iPhone reading inspiring articles, I get to see beautifully designed websites. These are one of the key-factors that draw me in as a reader. I often wonder how I could draw a reader into my blog and whether that would have the same effect as when I get drawn in. Almost every night I read Xomisse’s new post or posts from previous days. She gives tips on subjects ranging from SEO to image editing to copyright law to creating your own blog. She guides you into the world of HTML with her picture tutorials.


This ones funny. I found Elembees blog through Kate’s! I started following her since last week and, until now, I am not disappointed. She gives tips on how to start business through blogging, creating editorial calendars (and why they’re important),  creating a graphic style guide (here she tells you why its important to stay consistent) etc. It’s like an online book filled with tips which is something I can’t get enough of.

Reading has always been one of my many passions and it still is. The fact that I don’t have to hold a flashlight at night to read a book is very liberating ( my poor arm when I was young :( ). Now with the current technology (God, I sound old), I get to read everyday (and night) and stay up to date on the newest trends and peaks in this oh so social online world. It’s like getting to know a place you haven’t visited before and actually really liking it. Btw, this is my reaction to all lovely designed websites.





Music and awkward social moments

A nice way to break the ice is to find a common/shared ground. When trying to find something you have in common with a person, you start by asking questions to generate a conversation. The most frequent question asked is: “Which artists do you listen to? Who are your favorite singers?”
Every time someone asks me these type of questions, I blame Spotify for not being able to answer. Why?
Spotify is an amazing app and music library which I use daily, weekly and monthly. You have so many options in different languages. Even Surinamese songs are on Spotify. You can create playlists and listen to them on and offline. What you can also do is listen to Spotify’s own playlist. This is why I can’t answer the questions above properly. I listen to almost all Spotify’s playlists. You can choose from different moods you are into to different genres you’d like to listen at the moment. Whenever I’m in a happy mood, I just click browse –> genres and moods –> sub genres–> Happy. It’s that easy. Whenever I like to focus on my homework or focus while studying I like to listen to that type of music. And there are like more than 10 playlists with different artists in each of them.

Sometimes when people ask me what type of music I listen to, I’ll say that I like almost everything.

….(awkward moment)….

It gets awkward and I get the: “How can you like almost everything? You must have some you can name.” stare. Honestly, when this situation occurs I sometimes choose to ignore the stare. But when it gets too obvious and I have to elaborate my answer. I reach for my iPhone (which is usually in my hand), go to my Spotify app(which is a bit slower with 3G) and scroll through my playlists and songs that I’ve listened to in the past week. And not only does this process take a lot of time, I list every singer! This can add up to more than 20 singers.
The thing is, I love music and I listen to all types of music. Here are my top 7 of the past week.
1. Magic by Coldplay
2. A Sky Full Of Stars by Coldplay
3. Skinny Dipping by The Him
4. Wiggle (feat. Snoop Dogg) by Jason Derulo
5. Summer by Calvin Harris
6. Break Free by Ariana Grande
7. Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

What do you like to listen to?

Cleansing in hard times

With so many things happening in the world*, it is necessary to take a step back and observe what is happening in your own environment. But to see you must have a clear vision. You have to feel intensely clean and you have to think without judging anyone/anything. You can start by cleansing your body. If you cleanse your body, you’ll feel happy and comfortable. If you cleanse your body you will automatically be able to cleanse your mind. Now, there are many ways to cleanse your body and I’m sure that all of them could be useful for you. The one way that I have discovered and one way that truly calms me down is by meditating and by drinking white or green tea. As this is a tea review, I’d like to share one of the many green and white teas that have partially helped me calm down and helped me to focus on observing my environment.

I bought this tea on the 9th of July 2014 at Bilder and the Clerq. I still remember the date because it was the day that The Netherlands played against Argentina. I had already read a review about this brand and was really curious about its   tea. As you may have read in my confession post, the one thing that persuades me to buying a tea is its package, yeah pretty shallow I know. Let’s get more shallow shall we:


The package looks different, it is definitely nothing like the average tea package you would see.  It has color, text, images and typography to it. All of these elements tell a story which makes you inquisitive about this brand. The brand itself  has a lovely website (thank god!) that loves to explain everything about their teas, especially their journey and story.  I have wondered why they portray a dragon on their package. The clipper white tea is originally sourced from Fujian, which is in southern east china. Dragons, in china, are often symbolized with  strength and power.

These characteristics are also present in the flavor of this tea. This tea is very light and almost tastes like water. It is similar to green tea but the oxidation process is different. This tea smells like hot sugar-water with a slight strong fragrance at the end. I like drinking this tea when I have eaten a lot of desserts, candy or something really sweet. It eliminates the sugary taste in my throaty and I bet it is good for weight loss as well. The benefits of its main ingredient are beautifully written and explained here. I also like to drink this tea as it calms me down and gives me a chance to view my surrounding in a calm way.

*I find it really bad what happened to the people in these plane crashes and still can’t comprehend how three flights can crash within a week time. For this reason I was very hesitant whether I should post an article this week or not. Because of course, if someone of you has passed a way, would you want to read or write anything. I am not related to any of these people but as a participant in this country I still want to give my thoughts and opinion. We are facing really hard times and although its hard for the surviving relatives, life goes on. And in hard times it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and to take your time while doing so. A step back to look what’s inside of you, to cherish all the moments you had with the people you’ve lost. 1907391_767298849995232_240416281096904343_n