Cleansing in hard times

With so many things happening in the world*, it is necessary to take a step back and observe what is happening in your own environment. But to see you must have a clear vision. You have to feel intensely clean and you have to think without judging anyone/anything. You can start by cleansing your body. If you cleanse your body, you’ll feel happy and comfortable. If you cleanse your body you will automatically be able to cleanse your mind. Now, there are many ways to cleanse your body and I’m sure that all of them could be useful for you. The one way that I have discovered and one way that truly calms me down is by meditating and by drinking white or green tea. As this is a tea review, I’d like to share one of the many green and white teas that have partially helped me calm down and helped me to focus on observing my environment.

I bought this tea on the 9th of July 2014 at Bilder and the Clerq. I still remember the date because it was the day that The Netherlands played against Argentina. I had already read a review about this brand and was really curious about its   tea. As you may have read in my confession post, the one thing that persuades me to buying a tea is its package, yeah pretty shallow I know. Let’s get more shallow shall we:


The package looks different, it is definitely nothing like the average tea package you would see.  It has color, text, images and typography to it. All of these elements tell a story which makes you inquisitive about this brand. The brand itself  has a lovely website (thank god!) that loves to explain everything about their teas, especially their journey and story.  I have wondered why they portray a dragon on their package. The clipper white tea is originally sourced from Fujian, which is in southern east china. Dragons, in china, are often symbolized with  strength and power.

These characteristics are also present in the flavor of this tea. This tea is very light and almost tastes like water. It is similar to green tea but the oxidation process is different. This tea smells like hot sugar-water with a slight strong fragrance at the end. I like drinking this tea when I have eaten a lot of desserts, candy or something really sweet. It eliminates the sugary taste in my throaty and I bet it is good for weight loss as well. The benefits of its main ingredient are beautifully written and explained here. I also like to drink this tea as it calms me down and gives me a chance to view my surrounding in a calm way.

*I find it really bad what happened to the people in these plane crashes and still can’t comprehend how three flights can crash within a week time. For this reason I was very hesitant whether I should post an article this week or not. Because of course, if someone of you has passed a way, would you want to read or write anything. I am not related to any of these people but as a participant in this country I still want to give my thoughts and opinion. We are facing really hard times and although its hard for the surviving relatives, life goes on. And in hard times it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and to take your time while doing so. A step back to look what’s inside of you, to cherish all the moments you had with the people you’ve lost. 1907391_767298849995232_240416281096904343_n

Cuperus – Lady Gray Tea

Where shall I begin?This is a picture taken at Antwerp Central station.

Tuesday I went to Antwerpen with a friend, my first experience going abroad ‘alone’ (meaning without parents or siblings).  How is this relevant to tea? Read on…
My friend and I were planning for almost six months to go to Antwerpen but something always came up. Either it was school or we were just too tired to go on our free days.  At last, we went last Tuesday and we actually did not plan anything before going.

We came in Antwerp around 12 o’clock and already made a couple of pictures there at the station(haha). The picture on my Facebook page and Instagram is also one of the many we took at Antwerp Central. The station looks so big and I am really wondering if it’s bigger than Amsterdam Central. We visited the chinese street which is across Central station and next to the aquarium, a stepbrother of McDonald’s (Quick), a very beautiful church, the house of Literature, Cuperus and Carrefour.

This image is not of marustan's but of Cuperus. If you click on the image, you will be redirected to the original site.

Cuperus coffee and tea

Lady Gray
I bought this tea at Cuperus, a coffee and tea store, after viewing and smelling many others. This lady grey tea is a variant of the Earl grey black tea. The ingredients are: a mix of chinese tea with scented aroma of bergamot oil and lemon grass.  I first tasted this tea on Wednesday and it felt absolutely divine (it felt as if I’m released from something). At first I didn’t really taste its ingredients but after ooh la la.  You know the feeling when you taste hot tea on your tongue and just for one moment it feels as if you are somewhere else. Now, this tea does just that. You can almost taste every detail, the citrus peel and bergamot oil. This is the second time I have tasted and reviewed a black tea and it tastes a bit creamy. I actually really like that but I think I might want to switch to green tea the next time.


Lady gray tea

The smell and look 
These are dark (almost black) tea leaves with tiny yellow wraps and light brown loose leaves. The tiny yellow(ish) wraps in the loose tea are the ones that give the tea a sweet and citrus like smell and taste. If you take a leaf in your hand and break it you can hear it snap. I guess this indicates that it’s still fresh. I only bought 100gr of tea so the package I got with it is a very simple paper bag.

The setting
I first drank this tea on Wednesday after lazily walking almost everywhere around the house. I steeped it for 4 minutes which was a bit too long because it started to taste bitter. At first I sat on a chair at the dinning table but quickly realized that to enjoy this tea, it is best if I sit on the balcony in my garden chair. While sitting in my garden chair, I drank my tea and observed my surroundings…

This was my first time drinking this type of loose leaf tea and visiting Antwerp. Did you ever drink this type of tea? Or maybe other teas at this store?



I usually don’t have a clue or purpose when I begin painting. I just put on my music, sprawl my acrylics on the ground and stare at my canvas for ten minutes long. Haha, just kidding. Obviously the latter isn’t true. My purpose for this painting was to paint anything but flowers. At the point I was painting too many flowers and I was kind of sick of it. I also didn’t want to paint with too many colors. I wanted to limit to only 3-4 colors. But I thought it needs to be a bit special so I closed my eyes and as always sprawled my acrylics on the ground. The first 3-4 colors that I would touch are the ones that I will use. And the lucky colors were red, blue, white, brown and green.


The specifics:
This painting represents balance. The reason it represents balance because I have split it in half of which the other half represents warmth (with the color red) and the other side represents  cold.  I wanted to paint anything than the usual that is why I gave the heart not a red color but a green-brown color. The red and blue background is separated with a white line. I bristled some blue and red paint on each background.

The meaning:

Nobody has only one characteristic, there are always two or more. It’s the same as in The Netherlands, although its is extremely hot at the moment. It will be winter in a few months :(.  We could be hot with temper or calmed down. And which color is usually used when to simulate calmness? Exactly blue. But what point do I want to make here?

The point I want to make here:

The beautiful thing about being a human is that we are in balance. We balance out everything and every moment has its own time. We can be calm but the next second we could be very angry and it doesn’t even take a lot of time when that happens. As you can see the white line between red and blue isn’t that thick. But the nice thing about this too is that there is always a white line between being angry to being calmed down again.

It doesn’t only  have to be anger or calm but we can also look at this from all kinds of antonyms. And the magic here is to know how to apply these antonyms.


The way of life…

The way of life

TWOLI started painting because it was a way for me to accustom myself in my birth country. It was a way for me to create my world because in a way I have left Suriname behind. This was a way for me to mark the Netherlands as my home for a couple of years. I had to make something that is my own. Ever since I was little I have always loved painting but there were never correct resources for me to develop my painting and drawing skills.
There were a couple of classes I could go to but I wasn’t “born” with the skill to paint so people or my peers would demotivate you in a quite early start.
One of the first things that I discovered when coming to The Netherlands, my birth country, was that there were all kinds of opportunities to develop my artistic skills. I quickly participated in singing workshops, filming workshops and began viewing the world from another point of view.The way of life is a painting with different phases in life. I’ll explain this painting the same way how I explain it to people in person.

The big four-leaf flower which is outlined in green stands for growth. In life you will always grow. You will grow out of something or someone you will also grow from something/someone. Growth is not only physically related but also mentally. You can grow your knowledge of something which means that you know more about something then you used to know before. Even if you make a mistake you will grow because you know what you’ve done wrong and you will improve by each step. At the end of the leaves you see that there are also branches that lead to other sections of this painting. It is not really that proportioned but you can see where the other section ends and begins. you see this but the color and the different shapes and patterns.

Although love takes a huge part in our lives I decided to give it a small part in the painting. The reason for this is that I wanted to stress all big parts of life in one painting. All parts that were/maybe still are important to me. I actually have two definitions of this part. These two are:
Growth in love
So, your life is settled. You have a life partner who loves you dearly and without any hassle his or her family members also supports your relationship. You consummate your togetherness and out of that consummation flourishes a bud. Even your surroundings love, care for and cherishes that bud. The bud is symbolized by the black leaves that comes of the hearts.
The love triangle
This part displays a love triangle. You can see that by the heart in the middle and the half hearts next to each side of the heart.
You know the feeling when you fall for someone and that someone already has someone else but you kinda can still feel a connection, blegh (that feeling when cupid gets drunk and shoots three people instead of two).

good or badGood or Bad
Honestly, nobody ever knows when what they are doing is either good or bad. And even though we think that what we are doing is good it might seem bad for others. When I painted this circle and the lines within the circle I never thought that characteristics of a face would come out of it. Moreover and to be honest this face looks kind of mean or evil to me. Now, you know that is my opinion and because of what I said earlier. Your opinion might differ and actually I’d love to know what you think. Just chat me up in the comment box.
I symbolize this face with forces that may go against us in live. Things might not go the way we want to and people might not even like us. Even though we have a very positive attitude in life, let’s be real here, we can’t avoid the negative.

idontI don’t understand
I used to have a guy in class who never understood a thing people used to say or explain to him. It’s understandable you know, he is a foreigner and lives in a whole different culture than he might be used to.
In life you also have parts where you don’t understand whats happening or even why it is happening, you just know that it is happening and their might be a reason for it. And these things might be negative or positive and sometimes they create such a beautiful moment.

wildsideThe wild side
We all have something wild inside of us, we might not see or feel it but it’s there. In life we also have a wild side. a side where we completely lose track of time because it’s so fun and wild and aah. That’s what this part stands for. For some it’s necessary being wild as it gives them a taste of the limits and borders of life.

The funny part I love about abstract paintings are that no matter what happens in life you can always add an abstract painting into your life. An abstract painting has a different meaning for everybody and each meaning is unique because it is formed from their own experience.

Did you like this post?  Or do you disagree of this post? I’m not a person to tell you to STFU but rather one to urge you to share your opinion. You can do this by commenting, you know ;)


Ek nayi rahi, Ek nayi pehchaan









Hum hai is pal jahan
Jaane hum kal kahan
Hum hai ik pal ki dorie se bandhe hua lamhon ke saathi
Saath hi saath hai hamari juri hui pehchaan

Kaise thodh paun mein isi hi pehchaan
Kaise banaun main ek nayi pehchaan
Kaise samdjaun ki jo mujhe achhi lagti thi,
woh ab mujhe thik nahi lagti.

Mein ghum ho gaya hoon iss pyaar ki rahi mein
Jo mein dhoondhna chahati hoon woh to hai hi nahin isi rahi mein
Kabhi kabhi toh log apne rahi banate hai
Agar mujhe pata nahi ki mere rahi kya hai,
to main kahaan dhoondho jo mujhe dhoodna hai?

Ek nay pehchaan, ek nayi rahi…
Dhoodhna mujhe ek nayi rahi
Kya mujhe sarurat hai ek nayi saathi ki?
Hasil karni hai, mujhe ek nayi pehchaan…

Inspired by the Tv Serial Ek Nayi Pehchaan

Orient Sunset – Coconut flavoured Tea

Aaah, it feels so nice to write for Marustan again. After months of only typing reports and portfolios my fingers have longed for some real blog writing.

This is the dutch tea paper bag of Orient Sunset Finest tea Coconut flavor.

Tea cup with the coconut tea bag

I bought this tea at Xenos in Osdorp. At that time they were on sale, so if you bought one you’d get the other for free and it only cost €1-. My mind was spinning there and then, I instantly bought three packages. This one, Star mix and Chai Tea. Yeah, I bought one more so what. Everything is fair in love and Tea :)

The Package
This package has ten teabags in them, I think it’s just a enough for such a small package and it’s not too cramped. It sits very loosely and you can easily take the first bag out of it.  This package is translated in three languages: Dutch, English and German. The Dutch side is the front of the package. The English is at the back and the German is at the right side (haha).

Coconut tea review by Marustan. Orient Sunset Finest tea

Coconut Tea fron package

The Smell
This is one of my favorite parts when it comes to tea, the smell. For my it is very important if a tea smells the same way as it tastes. It doesn’t have to be the exact same but you should smell something in that way. This tea smells just like coconut (ding, ding, ding). It’s a  kind of smell that when it infiltrates your nostrils, it goes straight to your throat and even if you haven’t tasted it yet. You kind of already tasted it.

This is what the color of the tea looks like

This is what it looks like

The Tea

Yummy, it surprises me that I haven’t finished this tea within a week. This coconut flavored tea smells ánd tastes like coconut and something else. Maybe because its coconut black tea. The color as you can see isn’t that dark but that is because of the way I prepared it. On the package it says that you should drink the tea after 2-4 minutes but I just leave the teabag for a minute and a half. It is not too watery and it tastes a bit creamy and mildly sweet. The sugary taste comes from the aroma it has in its ingredient. I find it a bit weird that this tea only has two ingredients and that there isn’t an extensive list of ingredients. If you are allergic for something or get allergic reactions really quick from consuming things that you don’t know then I wouldn’t recommend drinking this. Better be safe than sorry, right.


I actually don’t have just one place where I drink this tea. I drink this tea everywhere. Not in the bathroom though, that would be a bit odd don’t you think but it isn’t a bad idea either. A cup of tea while you are in a bathtub that  is relaxing level 100. Aaah the power of our imagination always surprises us. Any who where was I, Oh yea,   everywhere is the right place to drink this tea. It relaxes and gives me really relaxing thoughts and ideas. It also made me relax while I was watching the match between The Netherlands and Costa Rica this on Saturday. God that was intense and so nerve-wracking. I thought that it would be an easy win but no sir-ee.


Blog Pause

Hey everybody,
Blogging is something you should do consistently. Ever since I have started college I was so convinced that I would be able to still post articles at least 4 times a month. Unfortunately that is not the case. Blogging is my passion and it seems so hard to just not do it that often. It would not be fair for Marustan as well to not get anything written on it.
Therefore I have decided that I will take a blog pause. In the meantime I can think of possible blog articles and fix a thing or two on the site. On the 12th of July 2014 a new series will start, called Arty Saturday. In Arty Saturday I will explain my paintings and I will also feature one new painting which you haven’t seen before.  You will also read the two other characters of After exams before graduation.
Don’t worry, you can still read my articles but I am not posting anything new.
If you’d like to know which painting will be first, you’d have to keep an eye on Marustan’s Facebook page.
An art article on saturday

Soon on Marustan Arty Saturday